Valda Victoria Ottolangui (Valda Victoria Langley Hoffman)

Born - 3 May 1925, Dunedin, New Zealand
Married - 16 December 1944, The Great Synagogue, Sydney, Australia to Norman Hoffman
Died - 8 November 1993, Silver Spring, Maryland, US
Vocation - Homemaker, Jeweler
Father - Albert Victor David Ottolangui (aka Langley)
Mother - Rose Jacobs (also an Ottolangui descendent)

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Val Langley served in the Australian Womens Army Corps during World War II.  During that time, she met Norman Hoffman, of the US Army Air Corps.  Photo is from their wedding day.










Marriage Certificate
Marriage Certificate, Side 2
Emigration to the U.S., Crossing the Date Line

submitted by Howard Langley Hoffman