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Ski Manual

From: Enzo Falco
Date: 12/27/99
Time: 5:34:14 PM
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I was looking at my bookcase on ski books and I found the ski manual that my father used, "Sci", text by Senior Conte Dott. Ugo Ottolenghi di Vallepiana written in 1921. the Preface is signed, "Ugo di Vallepiana, Senior Sucai - Ten. Comp. Alpini." The abbreviation "Ten." probably is Tenente (Lieutenant). He was no doubt in the "Alpine" troops. They existed in WW I. I believe SUCAI was Studenti Universitaria Club Alpino Italiano.

At the end are 98 one liners of advice. The one I like the most, and also underlined by my father, is, " The best technique in carrying a knapsack is to have someone else carry it."

Since I learned to ski from my father, I guess I have to thank an O.

Enzo Falco

Rabbi Adolfo Ottolenghi z"l

From: Bryan Langley
Date: 14 May 2001
Time: 03:37:54
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Paul Sulzberger has submitted this improved translation of the inscription on the Rabbi's memorial plaque in the Venice Ghetto

From: "Paul Sulzberger" <> To: "BRYAN LANGLEY" <> Subject: Adolfo Ottolenghi Dear Bryan

Herewith a more polished version of the inscription on Adolfo Ottolenghi's memorial at the Jewish Ghetto in Venice.

Adolfo Ottolenghi

Teacher and martyr among the people of Israel.

From the night of blindness,

He radiated the light of his faith.

Comfort to the meek,

And strength to those who were wavering

In the hour of inhuman hatred.

In this Synagogue, so close to heart,

And in this community which he loved so dearly

May his name be remembered and blessed.

Livorno 30 July 1885 - Rabbi of Venice from 1919 to 1944

Any suggestions for improvement from anyone warmed welcomed!

Cheers Paul

Paul Sulzberger


From: webd
Date: 09 Sep 2005
Time: 07:34:36
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From: international-trade
Date: 12 Jan 2006
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From: annuncio incontro hard
Date: 23 Apr 2006
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