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Link to the Ottolenghi Affair

From: Bryan Langley
Date: 3/25/00
Time: 2:19:32 AM
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Hi everybody, If you'e looking for the link to the "Ottolenghi Affair" it's moved from the site and it's new address is which is in itself a very interesting site about the fourth n\most senior Jewish community in England and well worth taking the time to visit. Hopefully we'll have this site linked to ours shortly.

Regards to all,

Bryan Langley,

PS I'm working on a transcript of the document which I hope to have available in MSWord format by Easter.


From: LovingU
Date: 14 Jan 2006
Time: 04:57:53
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ansa it

From: ansa it
Date: 23 Apr 2006
Time: 15:47:48
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Last changed: April 23, 2006


From: webd
Date: 14 Sep 2005
Time: 07:24:43
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