Jacob Nathan Ottolangui

(aka Jack Langley or John Langley)

Born - 1896 Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Married - 1922 Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, to Vera Catherine Raphael
Died - 1968 Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Vocation - Wholesale Optical Supplier
Father - Isaac Ottolangui
Mother - Rachel Allison (nee Mendelberg)


As a child Jack Langley lived with his parents, Isaac and Rachel, and sisters Gladys and Marie, in their family flat at 203 Dandenong Rd, Windsor. At 16 he volunteered for service in the Australian Artillery, serving in France. Over there, he was repeatedly gassed by Mustard Gas, and was wounded 3 times -- hip, arm, and head, the latter being serious enough to discharge him home, on a small pension, in 1917.

When sufficiently recovered, he trained at the Workers Educational Institute of Technology in  Melbourne, after which he started a business called ---
John Langley Pty Ltd,  Wholesale Optical Supplies.
  He started in a small premise in a city lane; he worked "the factory" while "the office" was run by his fiance, Vera Catherine Raphael. Of course, he married his office girl, who became my Mum.

The business grew to became biggest and most successful in Melbourne. Dad kept good health until he developed lung cancer (in his mid-seventies), which quickly  proved fatal. This cancer was accepted by the Australian Army Medical Services as being at least partly due to Mustard Gas.

 submitted by his son, Dr Russell Alfred Ottolangui (aka Langley), in 2002.

Russell Ottolangui has written a 
Story of the Ottolangui Family