Palazzo Ottolenghi



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Palazzo Ottolenghi is in Corso Alfieri, the most important street in Asti. It was designed by Count Benedetto Alfieri, like the Town Hall. It was built for the Counts Gabuti di Bestagno in 1754. The building stands around the two courts of a  pre-existing building. 
In Corso Alfieri you can see the fašade divided into five parts by a row of pillars. Each part has three windows with the exception of the central part where a beautiful portal between two columns is surmounted by a fine balcony. 
The palace was later bought by Jacopo Sanson Ottolenghi, who completed and transformed the inside. The original furniture was destroyed. The present furniture, in Napoleon III style, can be dated back to around 1851. 
In 1932 the whole building became public property and many rooms were transformed into offices. 

The photo and text are courtesy Real Italy